Marriage, Divorce, Stepfamily and Parenting

All counselors have experience working with family issues. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists have specialized training in these areas.

Those holding Marriage and Family Therapy licenses in our practice include: Ms. Yankov and Mr. Crisp.

Greenville Counselors use the Prepare/Enrich Program that begins with a thorough marital inventory that helps couples identify strengths and weaknesses. The inventory has different versions for pre-marital, married, and remarried couples. The Prepare/Enrich program can be used with individuals or in groups.

The Prepare/Enrich Program can help build a stronger marriage. Over one million couples have taken the program! This program is scientifically developed and designed to assess relationship strength and growth areas. It can be used successfully with premarital and married couples.

Couple looking to each other during therapy session while therapist watches